Day 6 Bern-Lausanne -

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Impressions of the Swiss Olympic Gigathlon 2013 from Chur to Lausanne / Switzerland

BERN-LAUSANNE 13.07.2013 - Swiss Olympic Gigathlon 2013: Day 6 Bern - Lausanne.

This multisport event saw ca. 6000 athletes swimming, running, cycling, mountainbiking and inline skating over 1068 km and 17850 m
climbing from Chur all accross Switzerland to Lausanne in 6 days ... The thoughest (Singles) did all that alone, all 5 disciplines every day.
Others in a Couple Team of two (woman & man) or as a Team of Five (at least 2 women in a team).

shot by rémy steinegger for swiss olympic gigathlon
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