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TICINO panoramico

"TICINO panoramico' shows 95 panorama views captures accross the whole region of Canton Ticino, southern Switzerland.

TICINO panoramico / TESSIN in Panoramen / TESSIN panoramique  

Photos: Rémy Steinegger / Text: Gerhard Lob (Italian/German/French)
Publisher: Fontana Edizioni, Lugano-Pregassona / Art. FE052
224 pages / 30 x 24 cm / ISBN 88-8191-147-7 / published 2002 / price: 64.- CHF

This illustrated book shows 95 panorama views capturing the whole region of Canton Ticino, southern Switzerland, all of them printed on double pages.
The text is written in Italian, German and French.

Where to buy my book ?

  You wish to buy my book? Please go to my bookshop and I will ship it to you! Go to Fontana Edizioni, Pregassona-Lugano / Switzerland or try to get a copy in a book shop, asking for ISBN 88-8191-147-7

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