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who we are

Rémy Steinegger started his professional activity 1984 when the autodidact transformed his hobby into his profession. During these years Rémy lived a stormy period of technical development in press photography which changed first from black & white to colour and than from analogue to digital.

But it's not first of all technique deciding about expressiveness and quality of an image - we think it's the photographers eye, combined with his planning and his power of comprehension - technique is just the basic to be a master of your trade ...

Rémy learnt these elements by doing - mostly in 'hot situations on the spot' as a freelance photoreporter for national and international news photo agencies (1984-1990 Bild & News and Associated Press, 1991-2005 Reuters News Pictures Service).

Beside his daily work as a 'frantic reporter' he could, more and more, provide reports for many clients in Switzerland and abroad, as well as photo coverage for important events specially in Sports, Music, Economy and Politics.

Once in a while Rémy may work on book projects which are a very special satisfaction for every photographer!

Please have a look to galeries on this website to get a concreter idea about his work.

His wife Verena Steinegger has been capturing successfully Ice Hockey for many years - and finished her career as a sports photographer when the digital technique took over. She is responsable for the administration of steineggerpix.com and keeps Rémy's back free - though he can concentrate on his 'key business' as a photoreporter!

1984 we had started as Foto-Servizio Steinegger - 20 years later the sole proprietorship was transformed into a limited liability company with a new name: since May 1st, 2004 our company's name is steineggerpix.com sagl.

We try hard to serve our clients also in future as professional, competent, credible and punctual partners.

Vreni Steinegger

Rémy Steinegger

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